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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts: Website Redesign 2013

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Interface design for Mobile and Desktop, Experience Flow, Content design and direction

Smartcart: A new shopping experience

Smart Cart is a prototype developed during a Rotation Week exercise. It’s an innovative use of NFC, RFID and indoor location technology that allows you to shop completely free of lines and hassle through your smartphone.

How it works
The customer’s personal smartphone pairs to the cart once they tap the NFC piece or scan the QR code. They can then mount the phone on the cart for easy viewing. A map appears on the phone showing the cart’s location and helps them find the products on their shopping list. As they walk past products in the store they receive alerts related to the products on their shopping list, wish list or that are on sale. They scan the product before dropping it into the basket ringing the item up on their phone as they shop. When they are finished shopping, they walk up to the checkout, it detects the presence of the cart and displays all the items in the basket. Then customers will be able to check out via smartphone, or NFC tap and retailers can send coupons based on purchases as the customer is leaving the store for their next visit.

*Patent pending


Interface design, Branding, Experience Flow

Team Members

Julie Sikonski (Art Director), Gabrielle Shock (Research), Alan Thomas and Chris Riebschlager (Developers)

SuitUp: An app for business professionals

Suit Up is an app designed for business professional males that features an interactive mix-and-match clothing display. The purpose is to provide tips and tools on how to assemble the best looking professional outfit.

How it works
First, the user creates their own outfit, allowing them to choose through various textures, colors and patterns. Then, a score is given to the user on how well they put together the outfit. At that point, tips are provided to prompt a better score.


Interface design, Branding, Experience Flow

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Hello there. I'm Jess - a digital designer from Kansas City. Here's some of my work.

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